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max cashout limit

Started by bestbux333 2018-03-14 at 15:10
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Unlimited cashouts
there are many many sites are closed because of unlimited cashouts . Not one or two many many about hundred of ptc sites are closed because of their unlimited cashouts. They can not control cashouts limit then the result those all sites are closed or became scam forever, There are many sites from us and uk also. Kindly fix the limit of cashout like many trused ptc sites allow max cashout from 50 to 150 or 250 dollar according to their upgrade membership. Kindly please please fix the cashout limit and remove paypal forever.
I am working in ptc sites from 7 years and I know all situations of this ptc industry.
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Dear bestbux333

This issue is under discussion and a decision will be made regarding the unlimited cashouts, and paypal
Thank you so much for your suggestion which is in the interest of the site

My Regards
Bestbux Admin
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If you remove the paypal, you'll lose a lot